1st Amendment and Free Speech/Freedom of speech.


Pussy Riot’s protest performance in a Moscow’s Cathedral deeply offended many Orthodox Christians. Would Mill have defended them against the charge that they should have chosen a less controversial place for their political process?

I assume you are referencing John Stuart Mill, whose essay "On Liberty" is considered one of the best defenses of free speech.

In that work, Mill makes clear that he does not think the State should be able to punish expression merely because it creates controversy or gives offense to others.  Indeed, Mill believes that the debate over such controversies helps us as a society get closer to finding the truth of things.

Based on these ideas, I think Mill would defend their actions, even if their behavior might have offended his Victorian sensibilities.  Mill's whole argument was not that people should do what he think is right and proper, but that everyone should be able to express freely their own ideas without risk of punishment.

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1st Amendment and Free Speech

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