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I posted online about a situation after being issued a traffic citation by a S. florida police officer. The offcer downloaded my post, and filed for a restraining order against me for Cyber Stalking. The judge granted the order, and banned me from "posting" regarding the officer and the situation. Does his ruling violate my freedom of Speach??

As I am not a Florida attorney, and am not familiar with the details of the case, I cannot say whether this specific case violates Constitutional rights.

That said, cyberstalking typically requires that the post be designed to harass or cause emotional distress toward another person and have no other legitimate purpose.  Posting about a police action seems to have a public interest component.  

If you believe your speech was legitimate, I recommend contacting an attorney to look into appealing the order.  You may want to consider contacting a group such as the ACLU or EFF to see if they are interested in providing free legal assistance to challenge the application of the cyberstalking law.

I hope this helps!
- Mike

1st Amendment and Free Speech

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