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Office 2010/installing Office Suite 2010 into a computer loaded with Office Suites 2003 and 2007


hi Steven, how are you?
Here's my problem after installing the MS Office Suite 2010 on one of two computers:
I have two computers, a "master" and a "slave", connected by a Cisco router.
The master holds Windows XP and MS Office Suite 2003, and works fine both before and since installing the 2010 Suite on the "slave" computer.

The slave, however, is the big problem:
#1- The slave holds Windows 7, and initially held two Office Suites, 2003 and 2007. It worked well, regardless of which suite was in use.
When clicking the Start button, a list would appear which showed:
MS Word 2003
MS Excel 2003
MS Word 2007
MS Excel 2007.
#2-On this computer, I installed Office Suite 2010 and "all hell has broken loose" as the saying goes:
ONE- I can no longer use the 2003 and 2007 suites! Every time I open a file, be it Word or Excel, the file is opened with the 2010 Suite.
TWO- When I click the Start button, the same list appears as above, and the 2010 SUITE'S programs- Excel and Word- DO NOT APPEAR in the list!!
THREE-When in the Start menu, I click any of the older four above programs, I get a message that the program IS NOT INSTALLED when of course, it is installed.

CONCLUSION-What have I got now? I can open and use the 2010 suite, but I can no longer use the 2003 or 2007 suite.
I'm thinking that I messed up when installing the 2010 suite, and that I should uninstall it and start over. But I don't know what I would do differently a second time.. I saw no warning messages when I installed the first time.

I look forward to your reply.


Hi Chris,

What has happened is that Office 2010 overwrote the previous versions of Office.  The only way to move back to such a configuration is to re-install each version using system partitions.

May I ask why it is important to remain all three version?  Office 2010 is backwards compatible.

Kind Regards,

Office 2010

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