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I want to have 2 column document in word 2010 while  the first paragraph and my tables and charts doesn't break to two column and stay one column.

How i can do that?
(when i go to page layout> columns > two all of document include tables and first paragraph is broken )
Thanks in advance for your help.

ANSWER: Hi Sara,

First place your cursor after the paragraph you want to remain as 1 column.  
Next go to Page Layout > Columns > Two.

I also recommend that you troubleshoot the document by selecting (CTRL+A) the entire document and going to the Paragraph Group under the Home Tab.  Click on the 'Line and Page Breaks' tab.  Uncheck all check marks, except 'Widow/Orphan control'.

Deselect the text in the document
Select your Table only
Go yo Table Properties
Click on Row Tab
Uncheck 'Allow row to break across pages'

Hoping this works for you.

Mary Lindsey

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QUESTION: Thanks for  your answer dear Mary.
My problem is exactly in first step, when i place cursor after the first paragraph and select all text until  the first table, not only  the selected text but also all of  document is broken into two column!
It take long time of me, how i can fix it?
Thanks .

Hi there,

To return the sections to 1 column, you should select the text and assign 1 column to the selection (I.e., Page Layout > Columns> 1).  Based on the size of the document this process may take a long time, but that is the process.  You can also place a continuous section break where you want different columns options to be.

Hope this helps you solve the problem.


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