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I'm using Office 2010 Excel and want to autocomplete a column of text but can't find on Google anything that works for me. I type into the first cell 10:51 AM and 10:52 AM in the next. I can easily autofill this down the column with the handle, but my column will have over 7000 entries - I'd be there all day doing that. How do I autocomplete the column?

Hello Leo,

Thanks for the question.

When you fill in data based on adjacent cells by dragging the fill handle in Microsoft Excel, the Auto Fill Options button is displayed just below and to the right of your filled selection. When you click the Auto Fill Options button, a list of options appears that allows you to choose to fill the cells with text or data, and whether or not to include the format of the initial selection or to copy only the format.

Good luck and happy auto filling.


Mary Lindsey

PS:  If you would like an image of what this would look like, please send me a request at  

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