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For last week or so, when I open a saved 2007 Microsoft Publisher document, everything displays as a black fill appearance.  In print preview, I can see my text and graphics, and the documents print appropriately but I can't see anything but black fill within them when I want to edit them on screen. If I open a blank screen, and try to do something from scratch, when I position a text box on screen and release - it immediately fills with black.  What's going on and how do I correct it?  (apologies for asking a 2007 and not 2010 Publisher question)

Hi Homer,

Thank you for your question.

Without seeing the issue personally (and you explained it well), I need to ask a question.  Does this happen when you open a PowerPoint document? A Word document?

My initial response, because the files print correctly, is that this may be a problem with your settings.  Would you be happy to email me the file?  If yes, please send yo

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mary Lindsey

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