2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms/NY Pistol permit question


Dan wrote at 2010-11-16 07:19:41
There are several county sheriff's offices in New York that Will not allow their sworn members [police and corrections] to purchase a pistol on their badge. Thus they require their members to obtain pistol permits to purchase personal, off-duty weapons. My agency is one of them.

NYS Correction and Parole officers may purchase a handgun "on their badge", and their department keeps records of the pistol ownership. Upon termination of employment, the local police agency of the former employee's last physical address will be notified that the person has a weapon and is no longer legally entitled to possess it.

Since you are employed as a county correction officer in New York State: you should have no problem in obtaining a "full carry" pistol license from your county's licensing officer.

The New York State Dept. of Criminal Justice Services does not certify POLICE or PEACE officers. It merely maintains a central registry database of law enforcement employees employed by New York State and local political subdivisions.

Kevnav wrote at 2013-01-19 21:20:50
I realize this post is kind of old but I was in the same boat. Told my juv. record was not just sealed, but cleared & I could answer no if ever asked about arrest.Well after Hon. Disch. from mil. I applied in NYS and answered no. That was a mistake as judge promply rejected me. I wrote him a letter explaining in detail what I had done, why I answered no, and what kind of citizen I had become. I was very honest with him like I should have been at first. I had changed his mind and he changed his decision and approved me. So my advise to you is to answer yes, give a letter of explaination and be totally honest. Answering yes to an arrest is not immediate grounds for a rejection!

2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms

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