2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms/Agg. asslt


Hi I just wanted to know if in my case i can claim stand your ground. I was in a store in Florida and i had my mother whose in a wheel chair and my 3month old baby and this lady started cussing my mom out and threating me and my mom and my kid so i stepped over to her to talk to her and she flipped out on me well she turned around and went into her purse so out of fear for me my mom and my kid I pulled my work box cutter out of my purse. At no point did I ever hold it up to her in no way i held it by my side to see what she was getting  She then left and called the cops they never cuffed me because I was feeding my baby he advised me i was technically under arrest but he was releasing me that night since i had them with me. Never once did he read me my rights.

Hi Monica,
Being read you rights at the moment of arrest is a TV thing not real life. They only have to advise you of your rights if they intend to formally question you. Most people are not read their rights till they are at the arraignment in court. I would hire a lawyer you can get charges dropped.

2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms

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