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2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms/I need more of an understanding of the 2nd amendment.


ok my husband has received a pardon from governor Jeb Bush in 2002 and has ever since been receiving his hunting license and gun permits from the state. He has been checked many times by law enforcement and game wardens with his guns and never had any problems for the past 9 years. now all of a sudden this year he was arrested for having a gun. Now i just want to get more understanding of the 2nd amendment and if this has anything to do with the situation i am in.


Thanks for asking. Why was he arrested after 9 years of doing all right? What was the charge exactly. Unless you are a felon under federal firearms laws you may own a gun.

The Second Amendment is part of our Bill of Rights drafted into the US Constitution. It says:

" A well regulated militia, necessary to the security of a free state, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

So the right to have a firearm is guaranteed by our Constitution. However, many gun control acts have been passed and as you know our government is now trying to take away our guns because of all of the school shooting.

The BATF pretty well regulates the firearm acquisition process. To legally buy a gun you must go to a licensed FFL dealer. They ask to to fill out form 4473 and then call NICS for a background check. If you pass you get the gun. Of course criminals do not go through that process.They get their guns on the black market or by drug deals etc.

Based on what you have said is that he got arrested for having a gun. This is happening more and more each day in America because the police have been empowered by homeland security and act like gestapo agents. If you have a gun they get all upset. This is the age we live in and it is not pretty.

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2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms

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