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I have a drug felony from indiana on my expunged juvenile record. I live in nebraska now and am 28 yrs old. I have a permit to purchase but was wondering when I apply for a ccw permit do I need to worry about my juvenile record since it's been expunged for almost 13 years. Do I need to put down the charge or since I was cleared for a purchase permit I dont? thanks for your time and opinions.

While this is clearly not a Second Amend question and is one best answered by your attorney, as a general rule in making such application it is best to be entirely truthful and take it from there. The issuing agency may require you to submit a copy of the Court disposition... in this instance from the State of Indiana... before going forward, but if you fail to disclose that 15-year-old involvement with the criminal justice system and they find out about it (even if at this point it's just an index number is a sealed juvenile file), they may deny you on a character issue, reasoning that you were not truthful and fully forthcoming about that youthful felony, and that you are not deserving of a Nebraska CCW.

Computer systems have been around for sometime now, and the name "Christopher Greenawalt" and his 15 year old arrest is likely somewhere in that system.

Go see a lawyer!  

2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms

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