2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms/CCW


I have a 25 year old charg of arson. I went to have it expounded by my self and it was denied. It sead on the readings from the court that it was a misdmeanor 1 I didn't serve no jail time I when're to buy a hand gun a year ago and was denied I apeald it and the FBI sent me a letter saying I could buy a hand gun or a pawn tecket so my question is can I get a CCW that is the only charg I have ever had. I already applied for one and is cerintly watting to hear back      Thanks

A] You're seeking legal advice. As I've clearly stated, I'm not an attorney.

B] Since you've already, the best I can decipher from your message, "applied for one," you're probably only asking whatever you're asking because you're simply being impatient and are asking me to handicap your chances of success. Such a request is beyond the scope of this topic.

C] I'm compelled to observed that it's apparent that you haven't wasted any of those 25 years since the arson change... whatever the court disposition since you didn't specify... at getting an education in basic written language.

Patience, Marc... if your application is approved, then fine. If it is denied (there should be a cause included with the denial), then talk to an attorney.

Whatever you do, don't waste time on asking vague questions on the Internet.  

2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms

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