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Hello Robert,
I am a NYC domiliary with a second home residence in Fairfield County CT.  I would like to secure a pistol permit for both residences. I have an impeccable background but no statutory right/reason for a NYC carry permit.  The way I read the rules, due to the cross state issues, I would need to purchase 2 pistols for the 2 separate residences and could not travel across the 2 states with one pistol.  I feel uncomfortable (for safety reasons) leaving a weapon at an unattended home (CT) for 5 days each week; but I am not seeing any other alternative?  Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

If you do not qualify for a NYC carry license, you will be stuck with a NYC Premises-Target license. Unfortunately, NYPD restricts holders of Premises-Target licenses from taking their guns out of the city, except for hunting with a valid hunting license and NYPD hunting endorsement. That has been upheld by the courts as permissible. That means that even if you obtained a CT carry license, you could not take the handguns on your NYC license into CT, except for hunting.

It is not a cross-state issue, but a NYC regulation. If you had a license from Long Island or an upstate county (either a carry or restricted carry ("target") license), you could take your guns from NY to CT with no problem.

While I cannot give you legal advice, or advise you on the wisdom of keeping a gun in your unattended CT home, it does seem to me that your only alternative is to have one or more guns other than those on your NYC license for use in CT. There are a variety of storage devices that could be used to secure guns in your CT home from theft (safe, lock-box, etc.), though with enough time and enough tools, any security can be breached by determined individuals. Other alternatives include storing your guns in CT with friends or relatives nearby or on the way to your CT home (if any), in a CT bank safe-deposit box, or in a secure storage unit in CT.

If I was in your position, I would most likely elect to install a good quality safe securely bolted into the floor of my CT home to keep handguns there. That is probably the most practical of the various alternatives, in my opinion.

Note, however, you may have a little difficulty in getting a handgun for CT. You will not be able to purchase one in NYS, because you will need a purchase coupon from NYPD to do so, and any such gun must be put on your NY license. So that means purchasing a gun in CT. To do so, you must be a CT resident, which you are while you are residing in your CT home. You will need to establish CT residency to purchase a handgun from a CT firearms dealer. Once  you do, that gun may be kept in your CT home.

2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms

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