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Hello Pat, I've been looking for a while now to find some polished art in the abstract, fantasy, and futuristic genre, I'm looking for galleries or anything that features this kind of art. The reason being is I've been growing up around video games and have always taken interest in certain kinds of art all my life and I'm trying to get into a game design career so i thought it would be fun to find some cool art.
here are some examples i picked up:


so far ive only found a handful of art like this that has the same polished look, if you can offer any suggestions that would be awesome, thanks

Hello, Jason,

I'm not sure what you mean by "polished" and if you told me, that might help. However, you can look at the gallery of emciem and see at least one more work in that style (for the first one) (or another view of the same work).

Here's a link to his gallery:


He does have some interesting work, some of it quite good. He has received at least one award there.

The second style is actually quite common on deviantART. Try these links:


From that second link, there are several subcategories to choose from. You will have to look at the thumbnails and choose those that look most like the style you are looking for. Once you find some good art, look at the artist's gallery. I have actually come across some artists who are recognized in the field and do wonderful work.

People normally do this type of art in a couple of different ways. One way is by using a Wacom tablet. It's like having pencil and paper, but instead of producing a work on paper, it produces an image on the computer. This takes a fair amount of skill, to make a decent image like this, but once the image has been made, you can then upload it and get prints. The other is by using a digital landscape program, in conjunction with Poser. Poser lets a person design characters, and if a person gets into the more advanced skills, he can also design costumes and the like. Once the characters are designed, they can be imported into a digital landscape program, put into a scene, and rendered there. Rendering involves letting the computer construct an image, pixel by pixel, from the settings you have given it in a small program which the landscape program writes. There is a graphical user interface that allows the artist to see what the scene will look like as he modifies the picture. The user asks the program to write a small program to render the scene when he's satisfied. Again, these can be uploaded and printed out. Some programs have provisions for rearranging the elements in a separate scene, and then the computer will calculate the positions in between, and make a short movie. For a single scene, the most commonly used programs are Bryce and Vue d'Esprit. Bryce is relatively inexpensive; Vue costs somewhat more.

I would recommend that you get some of these and start using them. Looking at other people's work is an excellent idea as well.

When I have more time, I can try looking for some of the better fantasy artists, and give you some links, but I don't think you will have any trouble finding some good ones. Good luck!

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I have done extensive work in computer art, including digital landscapes, particularly in Terragen, but also in Bryce and Vue d'Esprit. I also do fractal art, and I use Ultrafractal, Apophysis, and Xenodream. I am familiar with some of the theory behind fractal art. I am familiar with unusual techniques for making abstracts in digital landscape programs, such as Hubism.


I have been making computer art, including fractals and digital landscapes, for approximately the past ten years. I participate in various online communities, particularly in the area of fractals. I have no expertise in virtual reality, or computer generated scenes involving figures, human or otherwise, or objects. My expertise is strictly in abstract art and digital landscapes in Terragen.

I have a bachelor's degree in art from Ohio Dominican University, where I mainly studied ceramics, and I also do glaze calculation and fiber arts, such as creative needlepoint. I studied fractal artistry in Ultrafractal with Janet Parke.

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