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I bought two of these works of art and was told they were by an arab man who studied 3D in the 1930/40s???????

I have had them since 1983, and have tried so may times to find out if he or she is known but the signature is not easy to desipher, can yo help please, here are a few copies if you require more please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Gary Potter

Hello, Gary,

I can't tell you who painted it.I don't see the signature in any case, if there is one. And since I have difficulty reading Arabic script, because it is stylized in many different ways, I doubt if I could read it even if I saw it. All I can do is tell you something about the painting from the image and the information you have given me. Most Arabs are Muslims. Part of a strict observance of Islam is that a person never paints anything that represents a real form, people or animals. As a result, most Muslim art is abstract. It may be made up of words in Arabic script, or just be a geometrical design. You see this in many of their works in the Middle East, and on buildings.

Properly, this is abstract art. 3D art is something entirely different, though it is often abstract. Nobody knew about 3D art in 1940. The Mandelbrot series had not been mathematically defined, so there was no fractal art, except in nature. 3D art is art created in computer programs, and looks like real scenes. Google the words Bryce and Vue d'Esprit, and you will get some images to look at so you see what it is. Bryce is also the name of a canyon, so perhaps a good term would be "Bryce art" or "Bryce computer". Poser is a computer program that generates images of animals or people, that can then be placed in Bryce scenes. Other 3D programs include Mojoworld, and others.

You should also Google Arabic artists. You may be able to find out more that way. Wikipedia probably has an article about Arabic artists, that will give names. If this painting was made that long ago, there is a good chance the artist is no longer alive. But there should be some of his art on the internet. This is true of most people. Good luck, and let me know what you find out.

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I have done extensive work in computer art, including digital landscapes, particularly in Terragen, but also in Bryce and Vue d'Esprit. I also do fractal art, and I use Ultrafractal, Apophysis, and Xenodream. I am familiar with some of the theory behind fractal art. I am familiar with unusual techniques for making abstracts in digital landscape programs, such as Hubism.


I have been making computer art, including fractals and digital landscapes, for approximately the past ten years. I participate in various online communities, particularly in the area of fractals. I have no expertise in virtual reality, or computer generated scenes involving figures, human or otherwise, or objects. My expertise is strictly in abstract art and digital landscapes in Terragen.

I have a bachelor's degree in art from Ohio Dominican University, where I mainly studied ceramics, and I also do glaze calculation and fiber arts, such as creative needlepoint. I studied fractal artistry in Ultrafractal with Janet Parke.

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