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Have you ever seen the opening of Dragonball Z Tenkaichi or DC universe trailer? How well or how many years of experience you need to make such complicated 3D graphics such as that?

Luckily i have watched both the examples you have mentioned in your question, It is not a question of years of experience its about understanding the production pipeline. These kind of jobs are never done by a single person, a lot of people will be involved in this for different roles for example, modeler - rigging artist - texturing artist - animator - post production specialist etc. You have got to concentrate in any of this one area. And technology has improved a lot and that makes these kind of jobs much easier. But still learning and exploring is very important. Two years of exploration in any of this area will make you an expert in this. All the best.

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Shyam Musthafa


You can ask me about 3D Animation, Visual Graphics, the ideation and the executioni in both the catogories.


I am a lecterur in this area since 2004.

Arena Animation Academy, National Institute of Creative Communications.(Still)


Diploma in Graphics and animation(2004). Diploma in Advanced Animatoin (2005).

Awards and Honors
Awarded by state goverment of Kerala for the Painting Competition in year 1996. State Bank of Travancore Awarded for the painting competition for the year 1996. Thapasya Art foundation awarded me in 1997 for the all kerala painting competition. And several awards from school level competitions since 1992 to 1997.

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Having some Business Clients in advertising in local.

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