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I may have changed something in After Effects, and now when I import an animation clip from Bryce and put it in a composition in After Effects, the clip looks very short on the timeline and I can't manipulate it. Is there a way to set things so the clip is stretched more on the timeline?

I'd truly appreciate any help.

Hello, Jim,

Although I have used Bryce (mainly to make abstracts), I have never used After Effects. There is one other expert in this category. Try asking him your question. If he is unable to answer, let me know. There are forums which are more specific to this software, and I can try to find one that has some people who are familiar. Also, you can go to Adobe's site and email them. I don't know how responsive they'll be.

Let me know if you have any luck with this. Take care.

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Pat G


I have done extensive work in computer art, including digital landscapes, particularly in Terragen, but also in Bryce and Vue d'Esprit. I also do fractal art, and I use Ultrafractal, Apophysis, and Xenodream. I am familiar with some of the theory behind fractal art. I am familiar with unusual techniques for making abstracts in digital landscape programs, such as Hubism.


I have been making computer art, including fractals and digital landscapes, for approximately the past ten years. I participate in various online communities, particularly in the area of fractals. I have no expertise in virtual reality, or computer generated scenes involving figures, human or otherwise, or objects. My expertise is strictly in abstract art and digital landscapes in Terragen.

I have a bachelor's degree in art from Ohio Dominican University, where I mainly studied ceramics, and I also do glaze calculation and fiber arts, such as creative needlepoint. I studied fractal artistry in Ultrafractal with Janet Parke.

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