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i have a 1987 f-250 4x4 with a t18 manual transmission. The truck has a 6" lift with 35" tires.It currently has the t18 4speed with bull low first. My highway rpm's are right at 3,000 at 55mph. Recently i lost 3rd gear in the tranny so i am looking to swap, however i was wondering two things. First is there an aod transmission available that will drop in without having to change drive shaft lengths or transfer case positions. Secondly would i be better of just trying to locate a 5 speed manual if there is one available. The truck gets mostly driven on the road and any wheeling locations are hours away from me so it always involves a decent ride at fairly slow speeds to get there.I'm also thinking that an automatic would be less worrisome over time when off-roading. Thanks John


The t18 is one of the strongest transmissions on the market.  A good replacement is the t19, which is basically the same as a t18, but has a synchro low gear.

For information on what will fit, I would contact Advance Adapters.  They specialize in conversions.  I purchased a NV4500 transmission and all the conversion parts for my 4 cylinder Jeep from them.  They can tell you which transmissions will fit and what modifications may be needed.

As far as automatic over stick shift, that is a personal preference, as many drivers will argue over the benefits of each type.  

There are many transmissions out there that will work.  Contact some local wrecking yards and see what is available, then contact Advance Adapters to see what is needed for the installation.


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