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Hi Jimmy,

I'm looking for a 45rpm "flip side" song that I played a million times in the late 50's and I cannot recall the song on the hit side or the person(s) who sang it.  All I have it what I recall the title was, and some lyrics for you.  Let's see if you can unravel this on for me.

Song Title:  Blue, Green, and Gold

blue green and gold; I've been told are the colors of love that will never grow old...
eyes of green - to be seen in the spring of the year when your heart is sixteen
band of gold, I've been told makes the wedding bells ring every spring
Here am I - lucky guy........

That's all I can accurately recall.  I loved this song because it was a nice bouncy song and seriously I played it incessantly!

Thanks for any help, hints, that you can give me.

I'm sorry to be so long in responding, but I've been for an extended period of time in a place with no interweb access.
I've carefully considered your lyrics and also have, as I'm sure you have as well, performed the usual Google lyrics search. Unfortunately, neither my small brain nor Google's big brain were able to come up with any answers.
Lyric fragments, title-and-artists matches, both are areas in which I consider myself fairly well versed. This time, however, I've drawn a blank. And believe me, I do understand when there's a bit of a song sailing around on the cusp of your consciousness but you just can't quite bring it to port. I, myself, once obsessed over the lyric fragment "fool that I am." After what seemed like months, my subconscious finally solved it. It was from "Ooh-Wee, Baby" by Art Neville. (And, yes, the Freudian implications of "fool that I am" did not get past me.)
I suspect that you will take absolutely no comfort in the above anecdote. I mention it only to affirm that I've put my subconscious mind to work and maybe it'll come up with something for you, too.
I'm truly sorry for the inadequate response; I'll keep at it.

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I have an extensive vinyl collection and literally thousands of '50's .mp3's. I consider myself fortunate to have been around at the birth of this wonderful genre. Having lived through these years gives me a perspective on them, enabling me to put things in historical context. While the term "pop culture" didn't come into popular use until the late '70's-early '80's, my experience and modest expertise afford me the opportunity to explain the interrelation of music to the movies, television and radio programs, and indeed the current events of those times. I have some time to devote to responding to inquiries and look forward to participating.

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