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I heard this song in the 50s or 60s but for the life of me I can't remember the title, singer or the entire song. Can you help?
It goes like this: You got no heart at all
No heart at all
If you have a heart
You won't keep me crying
You made a play thing of love
When you pretend to fall
You broke my heart in two
You got no hear at all

If you have a half a heart
I guess you'd cheat on me
And if you have a heart of stone
Oh how hard that can be...

I'm sorry, but those lyrics don't ring a bell with me. The only thing I can conclude--other than the fact that I just don't know--is that perhaps the song containing those lyrics was a regional hit, rather than a national hit. I'm pretty good with lyrics, titles, and artists, but this is a new one for me.

What follows is more than you ever wanted to know, but stay with me; it'll get relevant: I grew up in the '50s in the D-FW Metroplex area listening to KLIF 1190-AM. Gordon McLendon, KlIF's owner and a true P. T. Barnum of Top-40 radio (he also owned KTSA 550-AM in San Antonio and KILT 610-AM in Houston), was a master at manufacturing "hit" songs on his stations. The artist/performers of these songs would then "headline" rock & roll package shows which were produced, not coincidentally, by McLendon. He was one of the original rock & roll kingmakers, except on a toy-soldier scale. The “big stars” he featured and their "hit songs” were not well known outside his signal area—which was urban Texas, basically. But to unsophisticated teens like me, they were top national hits performed by big stars. And I could see this big star perform his number one hit song in person; all I had to do was buy a ticket.

I'd turn on KLIF and hear songs by Elvis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jimmy Velvit. . . Wait a minute. "Jimmy Velvit?" Who's Jimmy Velvit? Well, he was a local "star" with a song, "Sometimes At Night," promoted (perhaps artificially) by the McLendon machine. It must have been a real number one hit; they said it on the radio. Velvit headlined package shows which, supplemented by a few local bands, were sold to area teens thirsty for real rock & roll. I bought a ticket. What can I say?

So, all this is to say, '50s rock & roll was much more compartmentalized than most think because we all grew up with the Chuck Berrys, the Fats Dominoes, etc., whose records got true national airplay. But interspersed in all this were regional/local hits.There were pockets all over the country in which certain songs, artists, dance steps, etc., were both wildly popular and insular. Perhaps those lyrics come from one of these regional hits. Or perhaps I'm just not good enough to remember.

OK, enough for now. Sorry I couldn't come up with anything better for you.

--Jimmy Drake

PS: There's another Jimmy Velvet (this time with an "e"--"vEt") out there, a guy who's trading on his supposed friendship with Elvis, but he's not the Jimmy Velvit I referred to above. Two Tom Smiths, two Bill Joneses perhaps, but two Jimmy Velvits? Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser. . .

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I see myself as a reasonably well-versed authority on '50's rock and roll, from its beginnings in the early '50's to the British invasion days of the early '60's. One of my strengths is matching songs and artists, as I suspect your site fields many "who sang that song?" questions. Additionally, I am particularly adept at identifying artists who performed obscure songs--one-hit-wonders, if you will.


I have an extensive vinyl collection and literally thousands of '50's .mp3's. I consider myself fortunate to have been around at the birth of this wonderful genre. Having lived through these years gives me a perspective on them, enabling me to put things in historical context. While the term "pop culture" didn't come into popular use until the late '70's-early '80's, my experience and modest expertise afford me the opportunity to explain the interrelation of music to the movies, television and radio programs, and indeed the current events of those times. I have some time to devote to responding to inquiries and look forward to participating.

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