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I recall a novelty song, probably released in late 1950s, sung by a female artist. Some of the lyrics:
"Walking the poodle, she is walking the poodle
And it is easy to see that she adores him.
They give her the eye but she passes them by
For she only has eyes for her bow-wow-wow"

Any information would be appreciated.

"(Fifi's) Walking The Poodle" was a novelty song done by the Chordettes for Cadence Records, likely in 1954. The Chordettes were a female vocal group most remembered for "Mr. Sandman," although their cover of the Teen Queen's "Eddie My Love" also received air time. They also had a string of minor hits in the mid-to-late-fifties as the country was transitioning from the "Your Hit Parade" pop to rock & roll.
My estimate of 1954 stems from the fact that the group started recording for Cadence Records in late 1953 and the song has Archie Bleyer's fingerprints all over it. (In 1954 Bleyer was married to Janet Ertel, one of the Chordettes.)
You can listen to the song on YouTube at this URL:
Hope this helps.

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