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Hello Bruce.  There was an rather stately orchestral number, I thought by Hugo Winterhalter, in the 50's called "Gigi," no relation to the movie.  It was fairly popular on the radio in lower Michigan and I last recall hearing it in 1956.  I haven't been able to find anything about it online.  Do you have any knowledge of it?  Thank you for your help.

It is hard to look that one up, but clearly any recording of a song entitled "Gigi" BEFORE 1958 must be a candidate for being the song you are trying to find. Now in 1953, there was a recording on Decca by Guy Lombardo by that title. That's all I know about it -- Guy Lombardo, Decca 28763, in 1953. But a further search turns up another 1953 recording, by Paul Weston, on Columbia, with the composers listed as Thoreau and Veran. Now we're getting somewhere!

I've found several references to a "Gigi" by Rachele Thoreau and Florence Veran. Besides such orchestras as Lombardo and Weston, it's also been done by Les Baxter. The only vocal versions I found are all by European performers. I can't find evidence that Hugo Winterhalter did it; but I think we've found your song. I hope this helps.

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