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why do Filipinos have such good voices but such bad music very little in the way of art,music,films ect..ive been to the Philippines several times with my wife and even in manila find a like of good bands to see ive searched high and low for intersting record shops or venues with a focus on alternative music the radio there plays a diet of bland 80s u.s. pop or bland u.s american rock or modern r&b boy bands ect everything there is sugery sweet with no emphases on thoughtful/questioning  music just copies of whatevers popular at the time they have such great vocalists but sing such dreadful heavyweight sugary ballads maybe im spoilt  living in the u.k.

Hi Alistair,
I find your question very interesting so I will try to provide my answer based on my point of view. Firstly, I have been away from the Philippines for quite a long time now that I have become unaware of the music scene. But when I do get the chance to visit, the music I often hear on the radio, music shop, public transports, clubs, bistros, malls etc. are dominantly…well…popular music.  Which brings the question ‘why?’  I can say that Philippines in general love two kinds of music, the upbeat pop and the mushy ballads.  The answer is…honestly, because it sells and it what that general public listens to.

Though I believe there are group of people who still prefer music that makes real sense especially taking attention to thoughtful lyrics and well played instruments, as compared to redundant/repetitions of synthesized sounds with autotune, then filled-up with whatever  words to make a song.

I would love to find a place where I can have a few beers with a friend and just listen to the band playing real music…for the ears. I know there used to be a few joints about 10-15 years ago, but can’t find one now in Manila. Probably it exists but I’ve become a stranger in my own land. If you happen to find one, let me know. :)

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Although born in the mid-60's, i learned to love music dating back to the 50's and specifically during the mid-70's and late 80's. Knowledgeable and can answer questions relating to 70s maintream rock, love songs, disco, etc. I'm not much into OPM. Used to listen to American Top 40 hosted by Casey Kasem every week.


Mostly by listening to radio and quite a lot of background research on artists. Huge collection of 45's and LPs from mid-70's to 80's. I find music very therapeutic. Watches game shows about music and plays musical trivia stuff. Hangs around in DJ's booth. Buys old and rare music albums. Collects mp3 music of different genres.

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