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Chicago has been one of my favorite groups from the 70's, with their second album being one my favorites. In the cd, there is a booklet with a lot of history about the group. One of the pictures therein, appears to be the group performing , probably during the Seventies, with what appears to be a banner or sign above the group, either real or photo shopped, with the following: "Zygote II Zygote, Copionics, Charles Manson".
Can you tell me what that's all about? I am a little concerned that one of my favorite groups would be displaying a sign or banner, with, among other things, the name "Charles Manson", thereon.

Hi Teddy,

This has taken awhile to research, but I think I have an answer.  First off, I have to say that I haven't seen the photo that you describe, so this is partly speculation.  But what I found appears to make sense of why these random topics appear together on the banner or sign.  Zygote was the name of a rock culture magazine from New York, that appears to have been published for a short run in 1970.  I believe the "Zygote II Zygote" is a variation of the magazine title.  I have seen images of both magazine cover titles online. I located a description of an issue of the magazine, Vol. 1 No. 6, from 1970, which includes the following topics, among others, in this particular issue:

* CHARLES MANSON, THE FIFTH HORSEMAN Based On The Conception Of A Twentieth Century Astrologer, six pages with illustrations.
* COPIONICS, A Way Out, The Alternative Media Conference and with actual underlining printed in the article of important thoughts in the article and beliefs of COPIONICS, the theory by DR. ARTHUR SHAW, to make the 'aware' people realize The True Situation On Earth Of Economic Abundance And Sufficiency.  

Here is a link to the online reference: Unfortunately, I could not locate an image of the magazine itself.

So, my theory (speculation) is that the concert included a poster, banner, sign, etc. that highlighted that Chicago was recently featured in an article within this magazine. It's also possible that the photo is from a concert sponsored by or benefitting Zygote magazine.  However, there is no information online to back this theory up.

This bottom line, I don't think you have anything to worry about regarding a Chicago-Charles Manson association.

Thanks for such an intriguing question to research,
Erick Byrd  

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