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1977 Dallas Cowboys / Battle At New Orleans
Cowboys vs Broncos what are the lyrics?

Hi Danny,

I happen to live in the DFW area and I'm a Cowboys fan; but, I'm originally from Tennessee and didn't get to Texas until the mid-80's. So, I wasn't aware of this song but couldn't refuse the opportunity to research and find out more.  What I found was actually two similar songs, both based on a song called "The Battle of New Orleans", written by Jimmy Driftwood and most widely known as a #1 hit by Johnny Horton in 1959. The first song was titled "Battle at New Orleans", but it commemorated the Dallas Cowboys win over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI (1971-72 season).  The second song is called "Modern Battle of New Orleans" and was based on the Denver Broncos season of 1977-78, resulting in the meeting with Dallas in Super Bowl XII. Below are the lyrics for both songs (as transcribed from their respective YouTube recordings):

"The Battle at New Orleans" by Jim Weaver (1972)
(YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzqbTyuYS-o)

It was early January and the Cowboy jet put down,
for their second shot at Super Bowl in ole New Orleans town.
They came to play the Dolphins from down Miami way.
The Umpire fired his pistol and the game was underway.

The Dolphins took the kick and they began to runniní,
trying to make their way to the Dallas Cowboy goal.
Made just seven yards and they had to punt to Dallas.
Cowboys started out, gonna win the Super Bowl.

The Dolphins got the offense back and Csonka dropped the ball.
Howley snatched it for the pokes and fell beneath the wall.
Roger scrambled several plays and scrambled several more.
Then Clark trotted on the field and Dallas got a score.

The Dolphins started looking beat as Dallas took the lead.
The Doomsday Boys came on the field, their eyes was filled with greed.
Well Griese tried to throw the ball and did his very best,
but Lilly chased him to the ten and laid down on his chest.

We held the ball and the Dolphins kept a-cominí
but they couldnít stop the drive that we started long ago.
Gave the ball to Walt and he kept on a-runnin'.
Gettin' ever closer, gonna win the Super Bowl.

Well Griese tried b-Csonka(?), then they brought their kicker in.
But he couldn't get it to the post, not even with the wind.
They switched the ball and took their turns trying hard to win.
Roger threw the ball to Lance and Dallas scored again.

At half the score was 10 to 3 with Dallas looking mean.
Then Thomas ran it in again and made it 17.
Well, Howley stole a Griese pass but didn't get to score,
So Roger threw the ball to Ditka and made it 24.

We held the ball and the Dolphins kept a cominí,
but they couldn't stop the drive that we started long ago.
Gave the ball to Duane and he kept on a-runnin'.
Gettin' ever closer, gonna win the Super Bowl.

The Cowboy fans across the land are thrilled again tonight,
The battle at New Orleans it ended up just right.
Landry smiled cause he was just as happy as can be,
for the final score was Dallas 24, Miami 3.

It took us many years and we fought hard to win it,
The Super Bowl is ours and we want the world to see
Cowboys are the champs and you better not forget it,
The undisputed champs of the whole United States.

"Modern Battle of New Orleans" by Cunningham, Rodgers and Warren (1978)
(YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juPFsURxtPo)

1978'll be the year
the battle of New Orleans will once again be here
A herd of snortin' Broncos went a-thunderin' toward the goal
and they ended up in battle in your basic Super Bowl.

Well... They scalped some Chiefs and they decimated Raiders,
they bagged a bunch of Bengals and corralled the mighty Colts.
They mashed up Oilers like a bowl of sweet potaters,
and broke the Steel Curtain into tiny nuts and bolts.

Now old Craig Morton fires the bullets in the war
and Moses finds the promised land just like in days of yore
A stallion line leads the bold offensive rush
Department of Defense is what you call your 'Orange Crush'.

<repeat Chorus>

Now John was a Key Worth a hundred other men
and Otis was an Arm Strong enough to make 'em win.
Rueben made 'em sandwiches and Randy really rode 'em
and they was rilin' Riley, so he paid 'em what he owed 'em.

<repeat Chorus>

For 17 seasons, they laid the battle plans.
At last they're payin' tribute to their million loyal fans.
Forget about the past and just imagine super scenes
as the Broncos ride the Cowboys in the bowl in New Orleans.

<repeat Chorus x2>

Hut! One! Hut hut! Two! ...

Erick Byrd  

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