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80s Music/footprints in the sand


HymnHim wrote at 2008-05-11 03:22:47

I know the song you are looking for. Its by Guy Houis and Ralna English. Hope this is the one.

God bless, Dan

Gwen wrote at 2008-11-20 22:26:41
I too loved! this version of the song. It was on a country music station. It was very popular and it was a male singer around 1980 81. I have never been able to find it.

gwen wrote at 2009-08-19 21:22:42
There was a country male singer who sand this song right around 1981. It was my favorite song at the time but I have never been able to find it either. I thought it was TG Shepard but don't know. It was very! popular on the charts

Charlotte wrote at 2010-02-11 02:27:48
I've been looking for the same song too... and found this just today.  

Footprints in the Sand by Guy and Ralna

Judy wrote at 2010-03-25 08:10:13
I know which one you mean. I heard it in the 80s in the Philippines. Maybe you could ask radio stations in the Philippines. Been looking for it myself when I went back to the Pholippines. The Filipinos know the song but nobody knows the male narrator and I cannot find his version anymore just others singing to the same tune with a choir. What a mystery. The narrator identity

lramsd wrote at 2010-06-03 16:25:19
Edgel Grows had a hit. Can be found on youtube. I think the version your thinking of has this lyric that none of the others do. He gave me strength to face the coming NEW day. I did find it, but my computer crashed and I lost the info :(

Jeano wrote at 2010-11-14 22:28:19

It Was said that the singer/s you refer to is "Guy & Ralna" in the 80s though the poem was written on 1930s. I have the mp3 of the original song you are looking for.  Just reach me thru my email.



George wrote at 2011-03-11 16:37:27
The answer for the question addressed to the spoken version of "Footprints In The Sand" is Edgel Groves

ermin wrote at 2011-11-09 06:38:58
Footprints In The Sand - Guy & Ralna this is the song your looking for - type it in you tube, I am also looking for this song - but you gave me the keyword country singer - in a way you also helped me finding this song - thanks mate.

Christopher wrote at 2013-08-15 07:01:55
Edgel Groves - 1980

Misty wrote at 2014-05-06 19:12:35
I think who you are looking for is Edgel Groves.  He was the first singer of Footprints in The Sand and it was in the 80's. He is on YouTube.  

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