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80s Music/Christian Music Group in the 80's


wrote at 2009-08-20 02:41:19
Hey Jeremy. That Gabriel record was self titled and is available for free at

God Bless

katcurlee wrote at 2009-08-22 22:11:34
You can visit this website link:

They have all of their albums for sale for $9.99 each!!  Now...they're LP's...but at least they're available!!

Jonathan wrote at 2010-01-25 00:08:14
"I Put My Hope" from Gabriel is available on Itunes.  Type in the song name and it comes up.  I wish I could find the CD as my tape is flat worn out and there are other good songs on the tape.

Robin Lyle wrote at 2011-01-21 00:47:41
The band you are inquiring about can be found on a facebook page...Gabriel CCM Band. They are in the process of  making their songs avaliable on itunes  Check out their page...

herbsmithIII wrote at 2011-05-01 01:32:35
hey jeremey i have all the tapes of gabriel i put them on mp3 i can ship them through email i have all the tapes. my email is

herbsmithIII wrote at 2012-04-23 02:14:23
gabriel also has a page on facebook and i have i tunes has one cd long line of love i took my tapes and mp3s out of the songs turned out good.

herbsmithIII wrote at 2012-04-23 02:21:11
also there is a site for old christain music they will make copies havest gabriel anyone looking for harvest

Daveosu84 wrote at 2012-11-20 07:10:54
I actually located one of the group's members a few years ago. He lives somewhere in Texas. He said that they did not have a master track for their music, and all they really had were cassettes. After so many years, they had no surviving copies of any of their music. I had a cassette at one time, but don't have anything now.

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