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80s Music/Gino Padilla & Rocky WHO?


Scott wrote at 2009-08-01 05:23:48
Tonight I earned my black belt in Google Fu. I found this filipino quiz question and answer:

37. Who sang with Gino Padilla in the song Let The Love Begin? Ella Mae Saison "The Filipino Queen of Soul"

I watched the Gino video and one of Ella Mae's videos, it is the same person.  Whew, time for a beer.

just me wrote at 2011-11-18 11:25:20
Her name is Rocky Brown based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Eve Cruise wrote at 2013-04-17 20:01:56
Was looking for an answer to the same question. Two years behind though going back down memory lane. However, I searched and found this about Rocky Brown. Whether this had been answered or not, hope this helps. :)  

CruelArcher wrote at 2015-11-06 06:25:39
This will give you a brisf background on Rocky. Hope this helps.

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