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pinky2 wrote at 2012-06-04 23:57:11
this part of the song itsn't an african dialect. someday, a person told me that is not. that is in Spanish!!  "Tan-bonito-es-el-demonio" ... and that means "How pretty is the demon (devil)" :-S ...i know spanish and really sounds like this!

Mirrorman wrote at 2013-08-14 12:15:44
Point taken. However, i don't see any relation about the prettiness of the demon to a song about partying all night and having fun. And i don't think Lionel Richie, being a wholesome kind of recording artist, would want that explicit translation to be included in this song. He's just not like that in my opinion. Thanks.

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Mostly by listening to radio and quite a lot of background research on artists. Huge collection of 45's and LPs from mid-70's to 80's. I find music very therapeutic. Watches game shows about music and plays musical trivia stuff. Hangs around in DJ's booth. Buys old and rare music albums. Collects mp3 music of different genres.

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