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If you can answer this question , you are the MAN!  In 1984 of 85, I heard a version of George Clinton's " Atomic Dog" that blew my mind but it was a rap version of the song.  Here are some of the lyrics:  " We got dogs in the alleys and dogs in the streets  Dogs takin walks with only two feet  jump my fence bite my wrist make all the kids run  knock over my garbage can think I'' buy a bb gun  just doin to the beat"  Its arap to the tune of Atomic Dog and it is the funkiest thing I've ever heard in my life but I can't find it anywhere! I think the song may be called , " Doggin ' Out" but I'm not sure. Can u tell me who sings( raps) this song and what it is called? It's driving me crazy!! I must own this!!  Thank you for your consideration. Kind Regards, frustrated since 1985!

Hi Northern,

The song you're looking for is called "Dog Talk" by K-9 Corp featuring Pretty C.  The song was released as a 7-inch and a 12-inch single in 1983.  "Pretty C" is actually George Clinton and a remastered version of the song appears on George Clinton's Greatest Hits album released in 2000.  Here is a link to a YouTube recording of the song:


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