Im interested in a complete Discography of the pinoy Band of the 70's "HOTDOG" I've check online but found none. i would like to know how many albums they have released and what year are those,like what year this following songs originally released,"IKAW PA RIN, LANGIT NA NAMAN, O LUMAPIT KA,  PANAGINIP, PERS LAB.  I hope you can help me,thanks and more power to you."

Dear Larry,

That's little bit hard but I'll try my best to come up with an incomplete HOTDOG discography.

ALBUM: UNANG KAGAT (1975) Singles: IKAW ANG MISS UNIVERSE NG BUHAY KO & PERS LAB (released 1974 ahead of the album)) / ALBUM: PAKAGAT PA NGA! (1975) Single: ANG GALING SIGURO/ ALBUM: JUMBO (1976) Singles: PANGMATAGALAN, PANAGINIP & KUNG AMININ KONG MAY ASAWA NA AKO / ALBUM: INSPIRATION (1977) Single: MANILA  / ALBUM: LAKING MAYNILA (1978) Single: GIRLIE / ALBUM: ANNIE BATUNGBAKAL OST (1979) Singles: BONGGA KA DAY, ANNIE BATUNGBAKAL, LANGIT NA NAMAN & MEOWW / Single: BEHHH BUTI NGA (1980) / ALBUM: 100% PURE MEAT (1989) Single: KASI NAMAN (PERS LAB 2). O LUMAPIT KA, an adaptation of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto’s “So Em Teus Bracos” from 1977 was not a Hotdog song but credited as a solo hit by Ella del Rosario when she left the group. Incidentally, its Tagalog lyrics were written and the record was also produced by DENNIS GARCIA.  

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