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Hi Mirrorman,

I remember somewhere between 82-84 there is a OPM group name DINOSAUR, if I'm not mistaken one of there hits with a lyrics "Won't you try a Little Suicide". But aside from this song I think there are 2 more hits from this group. What are the content of their album? Where can we find Mp3 of this song?

Thank you.


Hi James,

Below is the track list of their album.

Side A
This Is My Life
My Lady
Bring It Back
Try A Little Suicide
In Memory Of

Side B
I'm So Sinful
A Thought For Ana
Don't Blame It On Us

You can probably download their songs from Youtube through the YTD (YouTube Downloader) application. Just copy/paste the link to the YTD application and then convert it to MP3.

Of course and before anything else, you need to download the application first. :)


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