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Hi, Bong. Discovering this site and reading the questions - and answers, of course - brings such nostalgia. I wonder if you can help me out with an 80's song, at least I assume it's 80s because I got to hear it in Magic 899's Friday Music Madness. The song is kinda 80s disco, with african-sounding drums and vocals,only lyrics I know go "... and the music goes on... and on and on and on" with vocals by a female or male falsetto voice then "wo-ho, wo-ho, wo-ho-ho" by a deep male voice.
Help would be much appreciated.

Dear Darwin,

It's kinda tricky. The lyrics sounded like AND THE BEAT GOES ON by THE WHISPERS save for the
"wo-ho" part. The "African" thing points me to I EAT CANNIBALS by TOTO COELO, a fave answer here. But somehow I got a feeling it's none of the two. Let's try this, you send me a short audio clip of the song or you hum it for me then mail it at, I'll give it a shot.  

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