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I'm a writer working on a project for which I'm interviewing memorable people who appeared in 1980s music videos - but not the musicians. One I'm looking for is the woman who starred in the Cinderella video "Shake Me" in 1986.

I've asked dozens including the band itself and no luck so far. But she IS out's just a matter of asking enough people. By chance do you know, or do you know who would?

Desperately hope you have suggestions...thank you...

Background vocalist  Roberta Freeman for the band cinderella  appears at the Hollywood Bar and Grill and may be one of the very few that can answer your question. Short of having the accounting records for mercury records for 1986, your question may or may not ever get answered.
I did check into it but there is next to no information available. Iam sure she has a name, Iam sure she was paid via check and Iam positive she paid taxes (lol)., but I seriously doubt there is any trail to follow that lists her credits to that video.
I will keep my ear to the ground as I too want to know.
Weren't the 80's the best?

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