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80s Music/Someone Else by The Deuce


It took me years to find this song and was so happy I did. I love the smooth voice. Do you know the name of the lead singer? I hate that I could never put a face or name to the voice. Thank you!

Photo of original 12" single
Photo of original 12"  
Well, rest easy Carmen, I have your answer.
I would like to send to you a photo of the original 12 inch single.
On it is listed the lead singer and the other band members names.
(As well as other important information).
If you are comfortable, will you send me an email address to send this photo too
I actually have the single.
Get back with me and enjoy.
Wait here is the image.
Please remember to leave me feedback to tell the bosses Iam doing my job.

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William Horton


Almost any question for the decade of the 80's. I admit, my failings in the genre of rap but pretty much anything domestic or dealing with the british invasion is my area. I'am a die hard fanatic when it comes to researching and finding those songs based on almost non-existant lyrics


Life experience is all I have to offer. played in a minor college band as a basist and I simply love the decade of the 80's as it evolved.

I majored in Music at Michigan state University.

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