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sirs/mams do u have lyrics of blushing girl, nervous smile by the Wall flowers, smiles & jokes by white china, and info of the band colors who sang never mind thanks

Dear Jason,

Sorry I don't have the lyrics of the songs you requested.

As for the group COLORS who performed the Italo disco hit NEVER MIND, that was a very mysterious band. According to a 12-inch cover of NEVER MIND, the group consists of two males and a female. NEVER MIND was released in 1985 and was credited to MAURO SANTORO & MARCO CIMINO. I'm not sure if they were the two male members. They did not release an album but only 12-inch singles like LONELY NIGHT in 1985 and MISSING DESTINIES in 1986.

Here's the link to their picture: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=400292

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