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80s Music/80s song X-Ray Eyes which band?


I read an old question asked abt the song x-ray eyes,and the answer given. I am confused wasnt that song done by the band 3D in 1980? Not the other band Eye Eye?  The band 3D who was featured by Saturday Night Live I mean? Or are the two somehow connected? Also whats the singers name of 3D?thank you

Hi Alana,

You are correct that there was a song called "X-Ray Eyes" by the band 3-D, released in 1980.  The lead vocals are by Ric Zivic and they did indeed appear on SNL. But we're talking about two different songs with the same title.

Here is a link to the previous question from 2011 that you're referring to:  Notice that the details in his question describes the song as from the mid-80's, and references the music video of the band with long hair and receding hairlines. The video I located matches his description, so I'm certain I found the right song for that particular question, "X-Ray Eyes" by Eye Eye.

Here are some links to YouTube recordings for each song. Listen to each and you'll see (rather "hear") that they are not the same song:
Eye Eye...


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