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Hi Erick, I've spent countless hours and many years trying to figure out this instrumental song that is either from the early eighties or late seventies pretty sure eighties. I've asked jazz djs on radio stations with no luck but it could be considered contemporary. It's about 3 minutes long starts out with an unmistakeable keyboard intro like a deodato sound but studio sounding and the mid section sounds like maybe violins. Best I can describe is mid tempo keyboard starts out like doo doo doo doo doot slight pause then doo doo doo doot doot dooo dooo. doo doo doo doo doot. I can explain explain it better if I was to talk to you but maybe your knowledgeable enough by what I've given you here. I really need to know what song this is it has a lot of sentiment to me and have been wondering since I seen it in the early eighties watching the late news scoreboard . That's when they played it. And recently about a year ago I heard it at Arby's while I was eating. Please help me so I can buy this song. If you need more info maybe you could phone me. I play drums and guitar so music is kinda my life. Thank you for your time I hope you can figure it out. Sincerely Larry.

Hi Larry,

As you are presumably already aware, describing an instrumental in text is very difficult.  So, this is always a difficult research task as well.  However, although I cannot provide a specific answer, I can point you to a few websites that will hopefully help you locate the title of the track you are searching for:

This blog contains an excellent instrumental YouTube playlist that you can skip through and some additional details about each song in the text below:

This site has Top 20 instrumentals listed chronologically, with links to YouTube recordings: http://tunecaster.com/charts/music/instrumental-top-10-4.html

Hopefully, your song is included on one of these.


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