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Tyke wrote at 2007-08-07 10:46:20
The guy your looking for is Luis Cardenas...the video for the song is on youtube

Biff Hanson wrote at 2007-10-08 20:42:01
Luis Cardenas did the remake.

logicalone wrote at 2007-11-05 22:44:59
Luis Cardenas - 1986

Backstop wrote at 2007-11-13 20:07:10
The version you want is from Luis Cardenas, formerly of the band "Renegade".  The videois on YouTube if you search for Cardenas Dinosaur.

RIC wrote at 2007-11-13 21:11:47
Hi Mike,I came here tonight to ask the very same question.Weird eh? Anyway after lots of hunting i've got the answer.A guy called Luis Cardenas from a group called "Renegade" released it on his solo album in 1986.The album was called "Animal Instincts" on the Allied Artists label. Apparently they pumped big bucks into the dinosaur band video.Hope you can rest now,I know I can,lol.

simon wrote at 2007-11-23 20:50:18
Hi, not sure if your still searching the answer but the cover you a referring to was by Luis Cardenas . you can search that name on youtube and watch it. hope this helps

furk wrote at 2007-11-23 20:52:34
Luis Cardenas

a64av8or wrote at 2008-03-23 02:20:05
I remember this video and have been looking for the artist as well.  If I remember right it was about 1988 or so.  He was a kid that played the drums but I can't find anything more.

Kev wrote at 2008-10-20 18:02:34
This was a hard rock bands cover.I cant think of it as it was twenty years ago when i had lots of hair and a brain that didnt forget things........

They played it a lot in the rock clubs here in England and its really bugging me who it was.I wont rest till i find out !!!

Kev wrote at 2008-10-20 18:06:43
Luis Cardenas !!!

Got it............

Only took me 5 minutes.......

Fantastic cover version and video.


Robbi wrote at 2008-10-25 20:03:23

    I do remember that song & video from the 80's! Although I was only a kid at the time, it stuck it my head. Well, I did some researching, & the name of the singer was/is-"Luis Cardenas".

If you log onto Utube they have the "Runaway" video posted for you to watch. Hope I helped you out!

dave wrote at 2009-12-17 21:16:14
the artist is bob rondelli or rondinni not sure exactly but i used to watch the vid on power hour many moons ago  

diane wrote at 2010-01-09 23:31:39
luis gardenas sang the cover version of this song in 1986 get the video on u tube hope this has helped.  

owl-zat wrote at 2010-05-10 14:25:55
The 80's version with the dancing dinasaur was by Luis Cardenas

If you search youtube you'll find the video is on there  

Delfan1961 wrote at 2012-03-15 19:44:40
The version to which you are referring was by Luis Cardenas, a minor Billboard "Top 100" hit, from around 1986.

Ricky Rebel wrote at 2012-05-15 04:35:17
Luis Cardenas...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLDY-7TUogk

Terry wrote at 2013-01-05 09:14:27
Hi, Mike

I remember it but I couldn't find any information too.

The singer had a long hair so they looked like a hard rock band.

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