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80s Music/An 80's pop love song taking place in space


Jo wrote at 2008-07-23 16:16:45
Great guys...I remember that tune too...but no one else ever does....i'm gonna look it up now THANK YOU

michiel wrote at 2008-12-31 07:31:55
Thank you for posting question and providing the answer! It was easy to find with google query "song 80 calling space".

I really liked this song when I was 12 year.

For the song, just search "Clouds Across The Moon" on YouTube. There is even a 2007 remix.

alan wrote at 2009-04-05 17:57:23
Hi, Randy, Peethor. Thank you both very much for finding this record. I have always loved this song but could never remember the name or the group who made it. It is still as good as I remember it.


dilbert34 wrote at 2010-01-16 10:28:18
Fantastic thanks I had also been looking for this one but just couldn't remember enough of it to even start.

J wrote at 2011-03-25 20:51:49
Oh my god! I've been looking for this song for years! Thanks soooo much.  

Bailey wrote at 2013-02-02 06:48:05
I am almost in tears and I haven't youtubed this song yet!!! I am a 41 year old man who has been looking for this song for over 20 years!!! I thought Diana Ross made it and looked in old record stores from time to time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Julie Stevens wrote at 2013-03-25 11:06:52
I've been looking forever to find the song about the girl having a conversation across the universe! Seriously, I think people were thinking I'd made it up. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found it after all these years. I loved it in the 80's and love it now. Played it over and over in the early hours whilst drifting off to sleep. Bliss. Thank you sooooo much. Julie.  

arif wrote at 2013-10-28 17:00:27
Unbelievable..ive been trying to track down this song for over a I am at peace because it was relly bugging was a classy song and brings back great memories..those were the days...

eric wrote at 2015-08-18 18:08:09
hi randy....thanks so much...finally i found it ...regards from malaysia

Chris wrote at 2015-11-19 16:35:27

Thank you very much

I was in same situation as Peethor...somewhere in my brain some pièces of that song that at taht time was very well related to a situation I had with my GF

as the song was not very well known it was difficult to get track of it

Many thanks ...reminds me younger year sand love...

another happy man

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