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CV wrote at 2007-05-01 00:50:42
The song was called " Wet Dream" and it was by Kip

MilNEMGaL wrote at 2007-05-16 04:17:04
This song was recorded by a couple of different people, including Weird Al Yankovic and Dr. Demento, who did the original. It's called Wet Dream. You should be able to find it on file sharing sites.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

Genie wrote at 2007-11-20 05:37:16
The fish song she is referring to is "Wet Dreams" by Kip Addotta.His CD is available on his web site .

LJ wrote at 2008-04-12 05:01:16
Hello there! Just a quick on this- the song you're looking for (I think!) is by a rather strange gentleman named Kip Adotta. The song is called "Wet Dream."

Maridots wrote at 2008-05-09 06:40:49
I have searched for years for this song and the person who sang it. Thank you for not only sending the lyrics but all the information on it. In the 80's it was one of my favorite songs and I would laugh every single time I heard it. Thank you for making my life complete!


danea wrote at 2008-07-04 18:35:05
dammit i thought i finally found the answer but only to realize there are more questions. i remember the song but not much of it. i've asked others and they think i'm crazy. it'a nice to know i'm not the only one who remembers this song. it was so funny. i remember one line - she drinks like a, she drinks alot.

lesliejo wrote at 2008-09-20 22:45:57
OMG... That you sooo much for providing the information about this song....I remember it from high school (early 80's) and for YEARS I asked people about it or if they even knew what I was talking about and no one ever did...I was starting to think that I just imagined this song about all the different kinds of fish until now...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PROVIDING THE LYRICS AND PERSON WHO SANG IT...I printed it out and showed eveyone that I was not nuts!!!!   You're a life and sanity saver!!!!!

dsd wrote at 2008-10-12 00:16:39
Thanks to all, I thought I was crazy!  Glad to know others remember

this song, too!  Thanks for the title name and the artists


punkun wrote at 2008-10-19 20:18:23
I'm with the others.  I would think of this song whenever I heard the phrases - Just for the Halibut; Not tonight, I've got a Haddock; and most of all... A-balone! Thanks for being there with an answer when I finally decided to search it out!

morgan wrote at 2010-06-15 05:41:19
I also found this... My mother was looking for this song for a long time... I just found this youtube... very funny..


pixie36 wrote at 2010-07-15 12:47:25
This song is "Wet Dream" by Kip Addotta and you can find his video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l1GvDWtccI  

Drewman wrote at 2011-05-27 06:04:29

Kevenergy wrote at 2012-05-21 04:26:41
THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! That song occurred to me today and You were the One that had the Answer !!! Thank You So Much, You're Very Good at Research ! Keep up the Great Work and keep the Love Alive. Here it is on You Tube: Kip Adotta ;'Wet Dream' : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l1GvDWtccI  

dragonfists wrote at 2015-08-23 21:06:23
This song is called "Wet Dream" by comedian Kip Adotta.  He had a similar filled with puns and double entendres called "Life In The Slaw Lane."  I remember our local classic rock station K-SHE-95 did play this song frequent in the 80s and they even did an in studio interview with Kip Adotta. This song was also featured on Dr. Demento's radio show.

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