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80s Music/vague 80s songs in my mind.....


jojo wrote at 2007-01-12 12:17:50
The fourth song is OVERNIGHT SUCCESS by Teri de Sario. Peace!

junex2005 wrote at 2007-10-23 21:27:03
Hi Vincent,

your no. 3 question: the title of this song is RHYTHM OF ROMANCE... its from the late 80s... i'm not quite sure but it's more likely a duet.

Answer: If I am not mistaken its El Debarge singing Rhythm Of The Night.

your no. 4 question: another commercial from the 80s... from SONY VHS... the commercial features a woman looking at the mannequin then at the latter part she joins the dancers and they dance with typical 80s attire... the background song is kinda upbeat and danceable.. this was late 80s... and I just have no knowledge of the title and the singer... lol

Answer: I think that was Whitney Houston singing "I wanna dance with somebody" on a Sony commercial.  hope I was helpful  -

anna wrote at 2011-02-27 04:33:23
to the first question, i also don't know the title but i remember the ad and the song. it's about a lover's quarrel that gets settled in the end... the whole song in the ad goes: "you go your way, i go mine, sometimes we disagree. the things we said hurt us inside, it breaks up you and me. but now i know foolish pride doesn't pay. so why not meet me halfway? and it feels so good. going down, down, down... 7-up"

ed wrote at 2011-11-20 17:47:03
I remember the song too, been looking for the same answer.  

"you go your way i'll go mine sometimes we disagree, oh this foolish pride it's just inside, why do meet me halfway.  And it feels so good, feeling down, down, down down, feels so good inside, 7 up.  

Mannequin?  I thought the title was "overnight success"  since she kept on saying it.  But I can't find it myself.  It has the voice of Debie Gibson, but the closest I can find with similar rythm is "Red Hot"  and I know that wasnt it.

TheDP wrote at 2013-01-01 03:38:15
4. Overnight success -Teri Desiderio

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