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90s Music/can not find this song!


Andy E wrote at 2013-03-12 21:56:48
Hang on...Maybe it was even "Word Of Mouth" by Mike & The Mechanics ?

This goes "from the WEST side, to the EAST side" and yes, it later goes quite the "nana naa-na, nana naa-na" kind of way. And I would call the song "cheerful" as well.

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Ask me anything about Grunge, Metal, East/West Coast rap, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, or whatever. If I don't know it, I can track it down. I can be of little help in the realm of country, but it was a good decade for it.


I grew up during this period, and the Grunge/Alternative movement heavily influenced my listening tastes, which had previously consisted only of Classic Rock. I have most of the albums from the 90s (collection of over 200 CDs), and I'll try to give academic answers, not mushy, fan-based advocacy. I might, however, rant on a subject about which I feel strongly.

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