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Hello. I found the song about beautiful. It was "unpretty" by TLC. There is a song from 2000 or 2001 sung by a woman that begins with the letter "A". It may be the name of a person the singer is singing about.  May you look up all songs beginning with letter A from those two years? I  may be able to find it. When I'm done with all my songs, I want to have an expert put them on one CD. May that be done and who do I ask? Is it possible to add to it if I find another song I like after it's made? Thank you

Okay so I just looked up the top songs in those two years and chose songs that began with A that is sung by a woman so here it goes:

American Pie- Madonna
AM to PM- Christina Milan
Around the World- ATC (this is a boy/girl group)
All for You- Janet Jackson

If you were looking for artists that started with A who are female I would look into Aaliyah or Alica Keys. Also Alice Deejay sang "Better of Alone" which was a popular song.

That's all I got, good luck!


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