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AC/DC/AC/DC 9 Vinyl Records Value?


Hi Bill.

I have obtained a collection of records by AC/DC. I will list them below so its easier to read.

High Voltage UK/Aussie - I own a first pressing of their international debut. The sleeve and record are EX+/EX and includes the original dust cover. The Aussie version is from 1980 on the Black Albert Label. The for the Aussie is VG/G+ with some minor skips.

T.N.T. - 2nd Pressing from 1977 on the blue label with no roo.The sleeve is a bit faded.
DDDDC - Same as above only no faded cover.

LTBR - First pressing from 1977 made in the UK and includes 'Crabsody In Blue.'

Powerage - This is where I get confused. It says made in Germany by WEA Entertainment with a Barcode. The songs are in their original mixes. Printed in 1984?

IYWBYGI - Original release from 1978 in Good condition. It includes the original blue insert with no tears or folding.

Sealed copy of Back In Black from 2003.

Original 'Razors Edge' still in plastic pressed in Canada. The Sleeve is made out of recycled paper. [Opened]

Sorry if it seems long; but I wanted to be as descriptive as possible.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your question. In general, vinyl will be of highest value if it is in pristine condition (NM/M or EX/EX+ condition). This goes for the vinyl itself, the record labels, and the album sleeve. Unless the release is a very rare one, the condition will generally weigh in as a higher factor than anything else.

With that being said, most of the the records listed would be considered common to AC/DC collectors.
My best estimates for the records you listed would be as follows:

High Voltage UK (EX+/EX) (Cartoon sleeve) $25-30USD
High Voltage Aus (VG/G+)(black label)$10-15USD
T.N.T. (2nd pressing) $15-20USD
Dirty Deeds (Aus, 2nd pressing) $20-25USD
Let There Be Rock UK (1st press w/Crabsody) $15-25USD depending on condition
Powerage (Germany) $15
If You Want Blood -original w/insert $35-$50USD depending on condition
Back in Black (sealed, 2003 release) $20USD
Razors Edge (Canada) $10-15USD

Thanks again, enjoy your collection!

Best Regards,


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