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can u awncer my ?12/18/2008LBJ
  Q: ive been an AFI fan for a very long time and i was wondering what inspired them to start it and did ...
  A: they started their band in high school, and they used to play at lunch time. I'm not aware of any ...
AFI questions9/27/2007LBJ
  Q: have AfI broken up coz jade and davey are doing blaqk audio ? Why did Jade change his 13 tatoo to ...
  A: No, AFI has not broken up, in fact they are playing an exclusive show in Hollywood at the Troubador ...
  Q: what is the song rabbits are roadkill on rt 37 about because i like the song but i doont understand ...
  A: All songs that are written by AFI are a mystery.... or at least most of them are. Many people try ...
  Q: are afi planning to release another album after December Underground? is it true that jade puget ...
  A: AFI has not started writing a new album yet, however there was talk a while ago of releasing another ...

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I can answer questions regarding: up and coming events, past history, some website info, anything you want to know, I can tell you, and if I can't, I'll ask someone who does know and I'll get back to you.


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