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AIDS/Longest Living HIV Positive Person


thumpurr wrote at 2010-05-18 13:02:40

I feel for you. Like your brother I've been poz for over 20years (22 DEC 1988) My remaining friends & I feel like we are "10 little Indians" now that we are down to 2 from our original group. We approach each day as "special" because you never know when or how this chapter will end.

Peace be with you!

Darndetermined wrote at 2011-12-27 18:33:18
In 1976 when I bled out I was infused with about 50 units of blood. Shortly after I developed symptoms now know to be related with HIV infection. The local blood bank in their subsequent research indentified a donor who had died of PCP several years later. As you know the test for HIV wasn't developed until 1986. I was tested and found positive. By 1994 I was diagnosed with full blown AIDS. The early HIV medications were just becoming commonly used, and the necessity of combination therapy which today we take for granted was just being understood--by trial and error. The early medications in particular were fraught with many deleterious side effects.

I have survived what were considered unsurvivable illnesses. I am still here, most importantly enjoying life. That is the key. Many people die of many things not related to HIV and AIDS, and many of us who have AIDS may well die of something else. The key is to not make this infection one's life, as it seems many do.

For those recently infected it is a relative cake walk compared to not that long ago, but it is still not easy. For those not infected, please make every effort to stay that way. I do not share the fact I have AIDS with many people, but perhaps these comments may be helpful to others

I have chosen to make this personal battle a bit more public than I am accustomed so that  

Louis Philip Maynez wrote at 2013-06-21 07:49:52

In 1983, I found out I had HIV back when I donated blood to waddley blood bank in dallas. I donated in 1983 and they notified me in 1986 , that I had HIV. The part of the blood that went to the hemophiliacs was tested. So all the other groups of people must have gotten the other parts of my blood.

They told me, by law they had to destroy the records by fire and a few months later the building burt down and all the records were gone. I had gotten a letter from them before hand so I have proof. that I have been poz since 1983.

LUTRICIA wrote at 2014-07-27 08:04:00
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