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Message ID CPZ2020  

We have a problem with i/5 V5R3M0 OS on system. We have a problem with electics and our load source disk has a bad sector ( when we make a analyz disk no errors ). Then we change load source disk from copy disk . And while operating system ( Perfom an IPL ) IPL was start succesfull when the step was Starting Operating System system was dump and give an error B900 3121 .  Then we open system with Manual 02 B M and select Install Operating System and IPL was start while on step starting operating system the installating screen appear and starting Creating profiles and Libraries step ( First Step ) counter was 85% was give an error unexcepted error We also restore LIC over tape it was succesfuly restore. And my last backup was broken down so data's was very important for me!

the error screen was on attacments

Have you looked in the system error log to see if there are any other problems?  
You copied the load source disk to another drive and it was successful?

If I understand your question, you were able to restore LIC from your backup tape, but when you try to restore the operating system, you get the error? Is the tape drive in good condition and was it cleaned before doing the restore?

Do you have any other backup tapes of the operating system?

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