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ASP.NET/diff b/w webpage,mvc,web form,web app


What are webpages,webforms,webapplications,MVc?and what is the difference between them?

1) You can use Web Pages completely by itself.

2) Web Form usually does not evolve because it is pretty old technology. What it can evolve is already been done, sort of.

3) I cannot comment on that, but, shouldn't be too bad.

4) MVC is a pattern, but, yeah, you can say it is a template / tool that MS provides that follows the MVC pattern.

5) Razor, it doesn't matter you use Web Pages or MVC4, you can use Razor, which is better than PHP to indicate server side code.

6) Razor + Web Pages. Honestly MVC has really high learning curve and it is quite overkill in many cases. Web Pages is a lot simpler. Razor + Web Pages = simple dynamic HTML generation and program in C# at server side. If you want to pass model around, you can always write the .cs classes and pass those around between method parameters. MVC seem to be able to pass model around among pages? (I am not really familiar with MVC, just trying the tutorial a little). The problem with MVC is you spam 3 files for a page, but, sometimes you are only doing simple stuff that doesn't really need to spam 3 files all over the places.

7) You want to use MVC in co-op environment, where the view can be made by different person. If you are the only person, or you think View should be modified at CSS level, then, Web Pages is more suitable.

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