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I work for a casino on egames i.e. slot machines. Somehow I have also been asked to help with the ATMs. I know very little about ATMs and the procedures for install/moving. I was asked to move an ATM, a Triton 9700, from one location to a location to where we had a Triton 9600. I moved it to the location and hooked it up. Everything looked good. We put in money and tried it. We put in the card and pin. It went through motions. It seemed to take a while and then came up and said processor error. Do you have any thoughts? Could it be that it is calling from a different number? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Scott,
My apologies as I had meetings out of the office today and am just now sitting down to check e-mails.
If the following things don't work, please call my office and ask for either Bobbie or Brian on Monday after 10am eastern.  937-766-9396.

First, check and make sure the telephone jack is working.  Hopefully there's a cheap land line phone laying around somewhere that you can plug in.  Call an 800#.  Try 1-800-flowers or any other 800# you know that works.  IF the call goes through then your phone line is good.

If the phone line is good, please plug the ATM phone line into the jack and try another transaction.  

Are there any errors on the screen?

Tell you what, the phone jack is good and there are errors and you're still at work, give me a call on my cell up until 11pm eastern tonight or sometime after 11am eastern tomorrow (saturday).  xxx-xxx-xxxx and I'll walk through a few things with you and see if we can get this resolved for you.


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I'm happy to share my experience repairing the following ATMs: Triton, Tidel, Tranax (used to be Cross), Hyosung, and other small ATMs. If I don't know the answer I'll tell you I don't know and I will try to find out for you by speaking directly with the manufacturer or other people in our office who know the answer.


I have over ten years experience working with ATMs.

I am certified on Triton, Tranax (Cross), and Tidel as well as a few other machines.

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