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Amber881 wrote at 2009-09-28 23:45:56
In an abortion they rip your baby into piece on body part at a time. So, your saying you don't want your parents to kill you, yet it's ok for you to kill your baby. Concider adoption. I was pregnant at 16 and went for an open adoption. It really was the best choice for everyone and this is doubly true for your baby who deserves a chance at life, and not to be killed because you didn't make the right choice. So be the better person and make it NOW!

Laura wrote at 2010-02-09 01:59:03
Don't bother with the "abortion info" sites, they'll just discourage you from going through with your choice. Try The National Network of Abortion Funds might be able to help you and your boyfriend out with the money. Don't be scared to make your own decisions.

K1llaTurtl3 wrote at 2011-03-24 20:17:59
The above answer seems a little biased for someone asking for advice on abortion and too pro-life; so here is the information you are seeking. Call your local planned parenthood and ask about the abortion fund. It does not cover the entire cost but it will cut it down a bit.

Treena wrote at 2013-02-21 03:29:32
I hope you got the abortion you needed! I realize this was in 2009 you posted this, now its 2013. $400 isn't that bad for an abortion,but I is costly, especially for a teenager. Like I said, I hope you were able to find the help you need. A sixteen year old shouldn't have a kid. I hope that abortion coverage will be added to the  Obamacare mandates, and make aboritons fully covered like yearly exams and birth control is now. Abortion is essentail for the advancement of a healthy, progressive society, and like contraception, should be easily accessable to all women who need and want it. I can't wait for the day the negative and false stigma of abortion is eliminated. I wish insurance companies, that women pay for out of their own pockets for the premiums, would cover fully abortions the same way they pay for a man's Viagra or penial implant! However, we still live in a world where men are valued higher than women, and  women's rights are not fully realized. In spite of the past forty years of hardwork, opening of minds,education and advancements, we women still have fights left to win. Luckily we have organizations like NOW and Planned Parenthood on our side, and we have a great,liberal and forward thinking man like Obama fighting for us. Unfortunantly he is held back by the remaining white haired, angry, rich, grizzled, old Republican men in congress that are blocking any progress he is trying to make for women's reproductive health and choices. If not for this neo-conservative movement rejuvinating these outdated old GOP politicians with power in this nation, there wouldn't be so many nonsense issues and blocks. I believe abortion would already be provided by the govt a long time ago as it is in many other civilived nations, and there wouldn't ludacris shame attached to it. Religion should have no say or affect in politics, and men should have no say at all when it comes to women's sexual health decisions. We need to move past that as a society and accept abortion for what it is. One of the most commonly, safe, and affective surgical and medical procedures done today. That is all it is. A termination of an unwanted conception. No more, no less. No woman should have to park in a distance back parking lot and sneak her way into off street, tinted window, locked-down, armed guard, abortion center, hoping to avoid protestors and gun-toting right-wing "pro-lifers" shouting in her face about being a "whore." She shouldn't have to make up stories to tell her boss about some "procedure" she needs a few days off for and just hope she isn't asked for details for a "doctor's note."  She should be able to bold face tell her employer that she is getting an abortion, she will need about two weeks off to recover...just like ANY OTHER surgical procedure that EVERY OTHER employee gets to have time off for without an issue, snide remark, limits,judgement,  or "note from a doctor." She shouldn't even have to specify if it is medical or surgical. When I had my gall bladder out, all I had to do was tell my boss I was having surgery. No questions asked. I happened to mention to them it was gall bladder, but they didn't care. However, when a friend of mine told her boss she needed time off for an abortion,she was denied that time without a long excuse from the aboriton clinic, then the HR department would decide how long she could have, if at all. I repeat the HR DEPARTMENT made that choice for her. Not herself, not the abortion doctor, not the clinic. It was up to male managers in the HR office. She got her time off, but in all reality if they wanted to...they could have told her no time off for it. Which would have meant she couldn't of had the abortion, or she would have to quit her job. That is all perfectly legal and acceptable right now in many states, and has got to end!  Yes, I realize she shouldn't  (and didn't need to ) have told them it was for an abortion that is true BUT they did as. However, more importantly...that shouldn't have been the issue, at all. For all other women out there looking for ways to pay for abortion, at least until the Obamacare comes through for us. You can check with the National Abortion Federation. Sometimes aboriton clinics will work with you also, depending on the type of clinic. Some are set up specfically for low-income. You might be lucky and your insurance will cover "elective" abortion. You might have to call them and ask though. I personally think teenagers parents should be responsible for abortions so long as the govt isn't paying for them yet. Just like I feel like they should be responsible for getting their teen daughters on at least the Depo shot by the time they are fourteen, or sexually active. Whatever comes first.


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